Gift CardWhether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a special holiday, the Old Castle Farm Hives Beekeeping Shop Gift Card is a wonderful and thoughtful present for any bee enthusiast, nature lover, or eco-conscious individual.

Unlock a world of sweetness and sustainability with the Old Castle Farm Hives Beekeeping Shop Gift Card! Whether you’re a seasoned beekeeper or just starting out, this gift card is your passport to a buzzing adventure in the world of apiculture. Delight your senses with the aroma of fresh honey, the gentle hum of industrious bees, and the satisfaction of nurturing nature’s finest pollinators.

Please Note:

This is an eGift Card that will be sent to the recipient of your choosing by email. After selecting an amount, you can enter your name as the sender of the gift card, the receipient’s email address and a custom message.

You may not want the Gift Card sent by email to the recipient as you may prefer to give it to them in person on the date of Christmas or a Birthday etc.. If this is the case, then put your own email address in the TO field above. That way the gift card will be emailed to you so you can then print it and present it in person etc..

You can download a printable gift card document here that you can fill in, print and give to the recipient.

How the recipient can use their Gift Card:

1. The recipient is sent their Gift Card by email.
The recipient you choose will be sent an email that shows who it’s from, along with your custom message and a gift card code (e.g. ABCD-1234-EFGH-5678).

2. The recipient can then visit the Old Castle Farm Hives Online Beekeeping Shop:
The recipient can then visit our online shop and explore the wide range of beekeeping clothing, equipment, tools and consumables, including our exclusive Sentinel breathable and sting-proof beekeeping suits and gloves, bee feeds, bee treatments, pest control clothing, ready assembled & flat-pack bee hives, hive parts, Konigin honey extraction equipment and more…

Alternatively, the gift voucher can also be redeemed when visiting the beekeeping shop on the farm, but please ensure to have a print out of your Gift Card with you.

3. Select products:
The recipient can choose the products they want and add them to their shopping basket.

4. Redeem the Gift Card at checkout:

The recipient of the gift card can redeeem it in two ways:

1. By clicking on the ‘REDEEM‘ button on the email sent to them. This button will automatically take them to the online shop with the Gift Card value already applied to their shopping basket.

2. Enter the Gift Card number (e.g. ABCD-1234-EFGH-5678) in the ‘HAVE A GIFT CARD‘ section of the shopping basket (as shown below). The card’s value will be deducted from the total purchase cost.