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8th February 2021

National Correx Nuc Box

We are happy to announce that we have created our own one piece correx nuc box, perfect for rearing, splits and swarms. Take a look at the video below to see how to put them together. More information here: https://www.oldcastlefarmhives.com/product/national-correx-nuc-box/ National Correx Nuc Box Assembly  
25th January 2021

Video Review from Dafydd Pett

Thank you kindly to Dafydd Pett at The Welsh Honey Company for the video review of the Sentinel Pro Suit.
25th December 2020

Customer review from Wendy

I have a sentinel custom made suit and I love it! I wore it for 12 hours on the hottest day of the year and I was totally ventilated all day. The breeze I felt through it was great. It is hard wearing and easy to wear. Being fitted to me makes it so comfortable and it moves with me […]
27th August 2020

New Apimix 75 “BEE” Ready Winter is Coming!

New for 2020 an improved version of Apimix, the New Apimix 75 has even more essential minerals and vitamins your Bees need and with less granulation. The National Bee Unit has advised to check your Bees for potential Starve Out, Winter is Definitely Coming! https://www.oldcastlefarmhives.com/product-category/feeders-and-bee-feed/
15th August 2020

Video review from Gwenyn Gruffydd

Thank you to Gwenyn Gruffydd for the video review of the Sentinel Pro Suit.
6th August 2020

A New Bee Hive Lifter “The Apilift”

We have a New lifting Device in Stock! The Apilift We all know how hard it is to lift a complete Beehive empty, and they are four time heavier when full, we have Partnered with an European Engineering Company and can now offer a cost effective solution to moving all types of Beehives whether National, Langstroth, Dadant, Commercial and or […]
5th August 2020

Customer review from Mr Brian Moore, Northamptonshire

Now I have had the use of one of you new suits for a beekeeping season, I would like to say how pleased I am with it. In fact it has transformed my beekeeping. I can now work in shorts and T shirt & without a cap under the hood as before. That was a great blessing in the heat […]
15th July 2020

Feature on the Daily Post website

Welsh farmer develops ‘sting-proof’ suit for beekeepers. The space-age suit was designed by Ian Roberts after a friend suffered anaphylaxis from a bee sting. A Welsh farmer and beekeeper is to launch a bee suit for honey producers that he claims is “virtually sting proof”. Ian Roberts was spurred into action when a beekeeper friend developed a life-threatening allergic reaction […]
10th March 2020

Made to Measure Bespoke Size Sentinel Beekeeping Suits

As well as offering the Sentinel Pro II and Queen Bee beekeeping suits in a wide range of sizes, we appreciate that you may want a different size to our off-the-shelf suit sizes. We are therefore pleased to offer bespoke suits “made to measure” to meet your requirements. To order, please select the ‘Bespoke’ size from the ‘Size’ options at […]
3rd February 2020

The Sentinel Queen Bee Women’s Beekeeping Suit

The Sentinel Queen Bee Women’s Beekeeping Suit The Modern Beekeeping Suit designed exclusively for women For beekeepers, stings are an occupational hazard – which is why in 2018, we launched our ‘virtually sting-proof’ Sentinel Pro Bee suit. We’re delighted with the fantastic response from beekeepers who have told us how the suit has revolutionized their chosen pastime. Extremely lightweight, it […]
17th December 2019

New Bee Patties (Fondants)

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with AGRO SIMPA in Croatia and we are now the main distributors in the UK of their tried and tested Bee Patties. (Fondant). They range from Standard, Vitamin, Pollen, Protein and Thymol. They are unique as they have certification ISO 9001. The HONEY BEE PRO Patty is better for our bees. Because the […]
12th September 2019

New Bee Shop Open

We have been working hard on our new Bee Shop over the summer as well as a hundred different things and finally its now open!! We are extending our range of products and have added some of  them to our website, here are a few pictures. We have a display of Königin equipment as well as new treatments and bee […]
3rd May 2019

Massive beehive removed from Oxfordshire church roof

A recent article on the BBC website featured Andy and Abigail from Tree Bee Society removing a massive colony of bees from a Church roof.  Andy and Abigail were wearing our Sentinel Pro beekeeping suit. “A massive colony of bees has been removed from a church after its hive caused the roof to sag and honey to drip down the […]
21st January 2019

Introducing the new Sentinel Pest Control Suit

The Sentinel Pest Control Suit We are excited to announce the launch of our exclusive Sentinel Pest Control Suit. A pest control suit has to be safe and offer very effective protection against all types of flying insects including, Bees, Wasps (Yellow Jackets) Hornets etc., as well as being durable and practical to use. COMPLETE PROTECTION AGAINST HORNETS, WASPS, BEES […]
25th July 2018

Extraction Equipment

We are pleased and excited to announce a partnership with bee-keeping equipment manufacturer Konigin. We are now able to offer you a professional range of extraction equipment, including: Radial, Self-turning and Tangential Honey Extractors, Fully and Semi-Automatic Uncapping Machines, Wax Melting Centrifuges and Uncapping Tanks. Konigin has been producing bee-keeping equipment for over 10 years. Relying on years of production […]
31st May 2018

Sentinel Pro 3D Children’s Bee Suit

We are delighted to introduce the  Sentinel Pro 3D Children’s Bee Suit to our range of Sentinel Pro 3D Beekeeping clothing. The children’s suit is available in a range of sizes from ages 3-4 to 14+ and comes supplied with a veil. The suit is safe and ideal for children to introduce them to the enjoyable and important world of […]
24th March 2018

The Sentinel Pro 3D Bee Suit features on the BBC News website

“‘Virtually sting-proof’ bee suit made after allergy concern A farmer has developed a “virtually sting-proof” bee suit after a bee-keeping friend suffered a severe allergic reaction after being stung. The Sentinel Pro 3D Bee Suit, created by Ian Roberts, is made from material thicker than the average bee sting. The suit is being used by horticulture students at the National […]
16th October 2017

Secure Clip Tags

Old Castle Farm also sell ‘Secure Clip Tags’. The tags are made with quality high performance semi-gloss Kraft paper with a double reinforced card eyelet, a nickel-plated steel clip, which is designed to Securely attach itself to any acceptable surface, unlike their predecessors they are “Fridge Proof” able to withstand long periods in cold and damp conditions without falling apart. Tag […]
1st September 2017

Now selling Honey Jars

We’ve recently added round and hexagon Honey Jars to our product range. The jars are available in 4oz, 8oz, 12oz and 1lb sizes and are available to buy online in our shop. Please note that the Honey Jars are not available for shipping as they have to be collected from the farm please.
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